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Nano Research at IISc   

The Institute's centre for electron microscopy emerged out of a growing need at IISc for centralized state-of-the-art facilities for micro structural characterization. Since 2004, thanks to generous support from the Institute, Department of Science and Technology, Council for Scientific & Industrial Research, Department of Atomic Energy and Defence Research & Development Organization, the centre has installed the following equipment with a current total value of about Rs 15 crores (US$3.5 million )

  • 300 kV field emission TEM-STEM with capability for EELS, EDXS,

  • cryo-microscopy and HAADF

  • field emission SEM with EDXS, EBSD and in-situ straining

  • Single beam FIB

  • Conventional SEM with lithographic capability

  • Specimen preparation accessories for sputter deposition, plasma cleaning, ion milling, dimpling

These instruments will shortly be augmented by two more conventional e-beam systems: a high resolution, 200 kV TEM and an SEM with EDXS along with additional TEM sample preparation facilities. All machines are networked with the rest of the campus. Users of the centre straddle all disciplines at IISc, including engineering, physical, chemical and biological sciences. The centre maintains UPS and service contracts to ensure minimum down time, provides trained operators for each instrument and conducts periodic training for students to become independent users of the facility which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Lithography & Nanopatterning 

    Nanomaterials and Composites  
     Self Assembly  
     Bio-nano materials



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