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Online Booking

AFMM Charges

New IISc User.?

  1. Fill this online form for each instrument Click Here.
  2. Note the registration id.
  3. Download this Click Here form and write the registration id, get the signature from your faculty and submit to AFMM department.
  4. To pay through DebitHead fill this form Click Here, get signature from your faculty and submit to AFMM department.

Outsider Please contact office. 080-2293-2034/35

General Booking Procedure

  • IND - Independent users
  • DEP-Dependent users
  • Remaining slots other than mentioned here, can be booked by an EXPERT users.
  • Slots can be cancelled and booked anytime as per requirements by an ADMIN
  • Slots which is booked on holidays will be deleted without notification.
  • click here

To download your data (you have to be connected to the iisc network- iiscwlan)

  • If you want to transfer to your windows system Please download third party tool called here to download
  • For linux based system install filezila 
  • Enter the host id: for AFMM TEM block instruments
  • Enter the host id: for AFMM SEM block instruments
  • Enter username: guest and the password which is shared with you
  • Then access to your folder and copy to your system, make sure it is copied and delete it from the winscp.
  • NOTE: Should not keep any other personal data here, make new folder with current date to store your data and your data will be deleted after 20days of your slot taken without notifications.
  • Since it is open to all. It is recommended to copy and delete your data as soon as possible.


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